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The Telescope Control group is a provider of electronic components designed specifically for the purpose of controlling a telescope. Currently we have over twenty years combined experience designing and manufacturing custom software and hardware for telescope control. We are bringing this experience to a product line targeted at the advanced amateur to professional observatory. A less expensive line of components will be available for use in amateur telescope control projects.

If your organization needs consulting help with your next telescope control project, contact us at this Email.

Planned Projects

Micro Step Stepper Motor Controller - Single Axis
This is a solution for stepper motor users who have problems with the vibrations generated by full and half step motor drivers. The unit will control both windings of a 4 or 6 wire stepper motor. Opto-isolated inputs include motor_enable, step and direction. Provisions for a panic switch are available. Power is attached to the board using a standard PC type power connector so simple PC power supplies may be used.
Price and availability TBD

Current Projects

We have forked a copy of the OCAAS observatory control program to our own CVS server. We are investigating the merit of further development of this famous package.
OCAAS Software

Past Projects

The Single Axis Controller
Embedded Single Axis full motion controller

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